Connecting Cities Workshop: Design Fiction and Narrative Prototyping @ Wuhan

31 July – 09 August 2014 Summerfestival - Back to the Future, 403  Art Center, Wuhan, China
31 July – 09 August 2014 Workshop, 403 International Art Center, Wuhan, China

Connecting Cities with the tools of the future. Two cities, far away and so close at the same time… That´s two cities connected with the concepts and tools of innovative, experimental and technology-based design.


Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab: Symposium, masterclass & urban interventions

Symposium, masterclass & urban interventions!
In the framework of the European project Connecting Cities : Participatory City 2014, iMAL organised an Urban Media Lab masterclass. To first enrich the thinking and open new perspectives, we invited renowned researchers and artists to discuss various aspects of urban media during a two days symposium.



We proudly present episode #11:
United Colors of Dissent by Orkan Telhan & Mahir M. Yavuz

United Colors of Dissent is a data-driven performance designed for public inter-action using mobile phones and public displays. Participants collectively respond to a series of questions using a web-based voting interface. The collected data visualizes the socio-cultural profiles,  prejudices, and stereotypes of various urban communities.



International Connecting Cities Conference

26 – 28 May 2014: International Connecting Cities Conference, Montréal, Canada
25 May – 1 June 2014: MUTEK festival, Montréal, Canada


Long Day of CityNature 2014 @ Prinzessinnengarten Berlin

Saturday, 14. June 2014 / 16-19.30h: 'Street Rights Map: Urban Nature'
Sunday, 15. June 2014 / 15-17h: 'Human Beeing'
Address: Prinzessinnengarten, Prinzessinnenstr. 15, 10969 Berlin, U8 Moritzplatz

In the framework of the ‘Long Day of CityNature‘ (14.-15. June 2014) Public Art Lab offers two Connecting Cities Workshops in the urban gardens of Prinzessinnengarten Berlin.