Public Art Lab: Germany + Brazil ‘Connected Cultures’


15 May – 9 June 2013
Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP, Avenida Paulista 1313, Sao Paulo

Susa Pop from Public Art Lab Berlin together with Marilia Pasculli from Verve Cultural Sao Paulo curate an artistic programme for the SESI/FIESP building’s media facade in Sao Paulo. The programme ‘Brasil-Alemanha: Culturas Conectadas’ will run from 15 May to 9 June in the frame of the event Germany + Brazil 2013-14.

For the media facade’s opening in November 2012, Marilia Pasculli who initiated the Galeria de Arte Digital SESI-SP together with João Frugiuele, had already invited Susa Pop to present a data visualisation programme for their SP_Urban Digital Festival, with ‘City Sleep Light’ by Antoine Schmitt and ‘Rhythm of Sao Paulo’ by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva.

For the Germany + Brazil 2013-14 programme, the curators will present the German artist groups Pfadfinderei + The Constitute and Mader Stublic Wiermann as well as the two Brazilian artists Super Uber and Rachel Rosalen to open the media facade as a living sculputure for intercultural encounter and dialogue.

Picture: ‘all ready made’ by Mader Stublic Wiermann. The work has a specially composed soundtrack that can be accessed at

On May 16, interested professionals can participate in a workshop with the German and Brazilian artists. You can find more information here and on the website of the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo.

The project is realised with support from SESI/FIESP and the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo.

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