Connecting Cities Workshop: Design Fiction and Narrative Prototyping @ Wuhan


31 July – 09 August 2014 Summerfestival - Back to the Future, 403  Art Center, Wuhan, China
31 July – 09 August 2014 Workshop, 403 International Art Center, Wuhan, China

Connecting Cities with the tools of the future. Two cities, far away and so close at the same time… That´s two cities connected with the concepts and tools of innovative, experimental and technology-based design.

In an intense two-week design fiction workshop the internationally renowned art engineers Julian Adenauer (Sonice Development) & Christian Zöllner (THE CONSTITUTE) from Berlin, Germany will coach you to create and develop a design concept that connects two or more cities with smart technology. Analyze the future technologies of today, fantasize them into tools to connect two cities and realize a prototype which you build in real and present in a design fiction video! The Connecting Cities workshop introduces you to the progressive design-methods of Desig fiction and narrative prototyping and lets you learn, test and train them by developing your own visionary prototype. Based on todays fantastic future technologies you will be coached to come up with innovative and surprising out of the box scenarios, which will be realized as prototypes and video clips. With the local production technologies like 3D-printing, laser cutting and thermoprinting, provided by the 403 Art Center's workshop-space you can create and design tangible and testible models and mock-ups. In a multidisciplinary tem you learn how to develop your own innovative ideas, to realize and implement them and to communicate your designs in an inspiring way to future clients.

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